1 BHK Flat in Titwala Regency is on the wish list of homebuyers

1 BHK Flat in Titwala Regency

There are so many parameters and pre-requisites before buying a home. And if that home is a dream home for ourselves and our family, the expectations are quite high and above as we put in our most of the wealth accumulated over the years to buy that one house or a flat that we can happily call it as HOME. And the parameters range from the legacy of the developer that needs to be strong and healthy in nature with his name and fame in the market, the best of amenities and facilities in the project, top class internal specifications in the flat, the location has to be well versed with the finest of social and civic infrastructure facilities, and huge open green spaces amongst others. The list is endless and so are our desires. 

1 BHK Flat in Titwala Regency, Regency Sarvam Phase 10, Regency Sarvam Phase 11

But there are not many developers in the market that understand the emotions and sensitivities behind a person buying his dream home as they are centered around the commercial gains and it also makes them indulge into not so very authentic practices. But in the long run, it all falls flat on their brand as customer nowadays is more aware and the government authorities are becoming quite stringent day by day. But there are some real realty gems in the market, we mean the developers that are highly professional and duly understand the emotion quotient behind your realty decision. 

We at Regency Group have carved a niche for our brand as we totally know the customs, beliefs, and emotions that go behind making the big home buying decision of your life. And our project Regency Sarvam located at Titwala East is gaining a lot of attention and bookings for our Regency Sarvam Phase 10 and Regency Sarvam Phase 11

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