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Shradh Period

Should you buy a home during Shradh Period?

In most parts of India, the month of September begins with the Shradh also known as Pitru Paksh goes on till the end of this month. Amongst Hindus, the Shradh period is when they honor their ancestors, express their gratitude, and seek their blessings.   Earlier, people preferred to wait until the Shradh period is over

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1 BHK Flat in Titwala Regency is on the wish list of homebuyers

1 BHK Flat in Titwala Regency There are so many parameters and pre-requisites before buying a home. And if that home is a dream home for ourselves and our family, the expectations are quite high and above as we put in our most of the wealth accumulated over the years to buy that one house

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