Codename Kalyan Next – A Home Perfect for Kids & Best for Families

Kalyan is an emerging town in Mumbai with the top features of a posh area. Residences in this area are high in demand among homebuyers. While you can explore several possibilities for buying homes here, getting one within your budget can be tricky.

Kalyan Next – one of the top projects in Kalyan, Mumbai, by the Regency Group – promises to meet this requirement. With 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats for homebuyers, it is the ultimate destination for modern homes for both kids and families. Kalyan Next – the abode of modern luxuries for both kids and families.

Kalyan Next – the abode of modern luxuries for both kids and families. Kalyan Next has something for kids as well as families. All the salient features of luxurious accommodation are available at various levels. It has as many as five distinct levels.

Speaking of the flats, they are spacious. As a result, they are ideal for the little ones as well as their adult counterparts.

At the stilt level, there are driveways, a two-sided ramp, a floor with paved tiles, stairways, security cabins, and other standard facilities. It also has a dedicated housekeeping service area to take care of the housekeeping needs of the residents. Besides, it also has space for parking.

The main highlights of level one include an atrium and a business lounge area. If you are into business or a working professional, the facilities of the business lounge area and mini-conference room will meet your needs. The other features of this level include a restaurant, a cafeteria, a kitchen area, a creche room that is intended for all residents, and a grand entrance lobby.

The level two has an activity area for both men and women. This area comprises a Zumba fitness center, a skin center, and facilities for aerobics, and a gymnasium.

At level three of this residential project, Regency Group, the leading builders in Kalyan, have added all the facilities for the entertainment and sporting needs of both c children and adults. It has a community hall, an exhibition space, a theatre for standing dramas and plays, a golf simulator and video game parlor, a net cafe.

Just like level three, level four of the residential project also has some top amenities for both adults and kids alike. It has a library-ball room, an exhibition space, a card room, as many as eight guest rooms with facilities for housekeeping, and sit-outs.

The level five of Kalyan Next has a dedicated play area and garden for kids. For those who are in corporate or business, it has an office space, a business center, and a party deck. Those who have a liking for drinks can make the most out of the bar corner at this level.

Final thoughts
From the above, it stands out that Kalyan Next is equipped with all the facilities to meet the requirements of a modern home. It has adequate facilities to meet the playing requirements for kids as well as for supporting the business-related and common needs of the residents of all age groups. Overall, it serves as the perfect home to cater to the needs of either.