Homebuyers are looking for flats that charge Effective GST Rate on the Flat Purchase

What is Affordable Housing as per GST

As we have mentioned it a couple of times and we keep on harping on the fact that the industry of real estate is quite dynamic in nature as it gets affected by various internal and external factors. Some of them are under the control of the developer and fraternity whilst some of them cannot be controlled that includes evolving preferences and choices of the customers and high levels of competition in the market amongst others. Even the customer nowadays is quite smart and agile and looks for the property that gives a good discount on purchase such as Affordable Housing with No GST and Affordable Housing at GST Rate that is effective in the market and as per the norms and policies laid of the government authorities. Hence, many of the developers in the market are coming up with various schemes and offers such as No GST, no stamp duty, and no registration charges and more in order to beat the competition in the market and attract the customers towards their projects. But in this case, affordability is also the key as the sentiments of the market are such that the projects that are pocket friendly or affordable in nature are liked and preferred by the homebuyers and investors in the market and luxury projects have kind of taken a back seat.

It is also the heads up for all the developers in the market to come up with affordable projects and charge GST as per the norms of the government authorities. If you are asking for What is Affordable Housing as per GST in the area of Dombivali east, our project Regency Anantam is the best of the lot in the market. Come over at our site to know more.