Latest must-have amenities at Homes in Ulhasnagar

Latest must-have amenities at Homes in Ulhasnagar


Indeed purchasing a home is one of the biggest aspirations of one’s life. Therefore, one should consider all options carefully and then choose a property that meets all the needs and preferences. Like luxury and budget residential homes in the prime locations of Ulhasnagar.

The best residential projects of Ulhasnagar, have been developed by reputed real estate companies, these offer a plethora of cutting edge facilities and amenities in order to attract discerning customers. Therefore, potential buyers planning to settle in a residential project in Ulhasnagar should check the must-have amenities within their offerings.


The basics amenities extremely necessary for a hassle-free lifestyle

These include

  1. Breathing space – A modern apartment will ensure that apartments don’t share walls, thus guaranteeing not only ventilation and free flow of air but also privacy.
  2. Parking facilities- While most apartment complexes offer at least one parking spot per flat, potential residents should also check to see if there is an option to purchase a second parking lot. Another factor to consider is that of covered parking, which offers better protection to vehicles.
  3. Power backup -Considering the power scenario in major Indian cities, it is all the more important that the apartment complex of your choosing offers a source of backup power to ensure minimum disruptions in your day-to-day living.
  4. Safety and security- One should ensure that there is a good security system in place that monitors and regulates people coming and leaving the complex, there should be enough support staff, which diligently guard the premises for safety and maintenance.
  5. Dedicated kids play area- It is also essential that an area of the residential complex has a play area for children. Since Nasik’s residential properties houses families of all age group, it is all the more important to make sure that there is sufficient play area for children and kids of all ages.


The Regency group’s ongoing construction in Ulhasnagar ‘The Regency Landmark’ is set to deliver high value and good quality construction coupled with on time delivery schedules. Basic plus surplus amenities and luxuries are provided for greater customer satisfaction levels.

The luxurious amenities that could further enrich your lifestyle.

 Fitness necessities-

  1. Clubhouse,
  2. Swimming pool,
  3. Gymnasium,
  4. Spa 
  5. Joggers track.

These extras are particularly suited for those families that follow a dedicated lifestyle or fitness plan. It becomes extremely conducive to live in such a fitness inclined environment and furthermore motivates you towards healthy living. New projects in Dombivli and properties in Titwala by the Regency Group offer such thoughtful facilities to its residents. 

Entertainment Centers-  

  1. Libraries
  2. Gardens
  3. Wi-Fi-enabled spaces
  4. Shopping center for groceries and other staples.
  5. Cafeteria

These are definitely high end luxurious amenities that are provided by world-class builders such as in the Ulhasnagar’s residential project such as the Regency Landmark. 

Thus Latest must-have amenities at your Homes in Ulhasnagar give you an opportunity to live within the bustle of the city yet unwind once you are home.