New Projects in Kalyan and Dombivali are changing the realty landscape of the cities

New Projects in Kalyan West

Its 2019 and the market of real estate is picking up like never before. The industry had faced the lull after the onset of MAHARERA and various other norms and policies brought in by the government authorities. But over a period of time, the stakeholders of the industry including customers, developers, financial institutions, investors, IPC’s, and brokers amongst others have grasped the evolutions and the dynamic changes with the agility and confidence to change the landscape of the market in the most positive fashion.

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There are various initiatives taken from the end of government authorities as well to give a growth impetus to the market and one of them is listing the cities of Kalyan and Dombivali as smart cities giving the new and required lease to the cities and its citizens. It was very much required for the infrastructure development of the cities with the social and civic facilities such as schools, hospitals, commercial developments, and more will elevate and contribute to the growth. Even the developer community is coming up with the projects in and around both the locations keeping the preferences of the target market and customers at the forefront. With the various New Projects in Kalyan, Dombivali, and the adjoining areas, the area is satiating and meeting the needs and demands of the homebuyers and investors and that too at the rates that are quite affordable in nature keeping the standards of quality high and above. 

We at Regency Group are a renowned brand in the area of Thane Down with our New Projects in Kalyan West and nearby areas are making us carve a niche for ourselves. Our projects Regency Anantam in Dombivli and Regency Sarvam in Titwala falls under the jurisdiction of KDMC and are changing the realty landscape of the cities.