Property Price Trend in Dombivli is in the favour of homebuyers and investors

Property Price Trend in Dombivli

As we all know and it has been a universal fact that industry of real estate is quite dynamic in nature and order as it gets affected by various factors in the market such as evolving tastes and preferences of the customers, high rate and level of competition, growing prices of the raw materials, and new marketing and promotional platforms. All of it and much more keep the developers on their toes always as apart from commercial gains and high profits, they are also on the constant endeavor to elevate their brand strength and brand value in the market beating the competition and gaining an edge and advantage over them. And if we closely monitor the latest trend that has been ruling the market, it is AFFORDABILITY as customers nowadays are quite price sensitive in nature and want to buy a property that not only fits their budget but also is high on the aspects of luxury with the finest of amenities and facilities within the project itself. 

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And the developers that are adhering to the current needs and demands of the market are able to successfully survive and thrive in the market and the ones that are keeping their prices and rates high from the rest of the players in the market, are facing the heat. 

We at Regency Group always plan and strategize our business operations as per the needs and demands of the market. Hence, our Per Square Feet Rate in Dombivli East in our project REGENCY ANANTAM is quite affordable and adheres to Dombivali East Property Rates of 2019. Our project is high on the parameters of affordable luxury having the finest of amenities and facilities with no compromise on the aspects of quality and class.