Should you buy a home during Shradh Period?

In most parts of India, the month of September begins with the Shradh also known as Pitru Paksh goes on till the end of this month. Amongst Hindus, the Shradh period is when they honor their ancestors, express their gratitude, and seek their blessings.  

Earlier, people preferred to wait until the Shradh period is over to make property investments and sign up to any agreement. But now that societies have evolved, young families and the current generation have turned pragmatic towards the belief of not indulging in new ventures. 

People find Shradh as auspicious as any other celebrated festival. Looking forward to Navratri and Diwali in later months after the Shradh period it is an opportunity for the homebuyers to prosper with good fortune into their homes. Regency Group also values this period as an important phase to come up with offers and deals at new properties in Titwala and Dombivli.