The Kalyan Shil Road Future is a bright and happening as a realty destination.

Kalyan Shil Road Future Development Plan Regency Anantam

There are so many aspects and factors related to the stream of real estate. And all of the factors are applicable to the parties involved, developers as well as the customers. The factors encompass the legacy and market value of the developer in the market and industry as a whole, the price appreciation value of the project, needs, and demands of the customers, internal specifications of the apartment, list of amenities and facilities, and the location of the project. When we come to discuss on the location of the project in a detailed and an intricate manner, it tops the list of all the factors as the success of the real estate project is majorly and mainly based on the same. It can actually make, break, or shake the project to no ends. Hence, you will spot that the various developers harping the benefits and merits of the location in their marketing and promotional activities in a highlighted fashion. And many a time, it is the only USP of the project that keeps the cash registers ringing of the developer.

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And one such location in the area of the Thane down area that is grabbing a lot of attention and eyeballs of all the parties and stakeholders of the real estate fraternity is the Kalyan Shil road. With the Bhiwandi-Kalyan-Shil Phata Highway Project, other excellent road connectivity, social and civic infrastructure developments, and the Kalyan Shil Road Future Development Plan makes the location even more desirable and up worthy in nature for investment and home buying.

Our project Regency Anantam is one of the major attractions of the location and has garnered all the positive attention and top rated feedback from the fraternity, home buyers, and investors alike.