Developing Landmark

The Regency Group constructs homes, and not just mere buildings. We have set standards in developing quality construction projects. What we do best is construct in upcoming areas, which will be the places for the future. We plan townships that are benchmarks and become the landmarks to the areas. We don't merely sell dreams, we bring to you reality in realty. Our areas are full of attitude in value.

Another aspect that brings value to our customers is our after sales service. We ensure that all formalities don't end just by signing up for a house. We ensure all approvals are processed and in place. For starters we begin selling our living units only when 50% of the building is constructed so you can plan for your new home in time. Every construction has a Clubhouse, ensuring that recreation and health is taken care of. All this makes our customers trust us. And we value this trust.

Our developments are landmarks, our value priceless. We build for the future and the future is here to stay.

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