Regency Anantam in Dombivali is the best Buy Property Beyond Thane

New Construction Beyond Thane

Realty Experts advises to put your bets on Regency Anantam if you are to Buy a Property Beyond Thane

If we ever come to sit and take notice, there are so many projects that get launched in the city of Mumbai all round the year and especially during the festivals of Gudi Padwa and Dusshera. Developers come up with the top of the line amenities and facilities, various schemes and offer to lure the customers, and all sort of promises and media galore to attract the attention of one and all. But a lot of brands and developers and their respective projects, only a few of them are capable of winning the trust and acclaim of realty critiques and veterans along with the communities of customers and investors.  

Our brand Regency Group has been one of the most favorite realty brands of the customers, vendors, investors, media, and all the other stakeholders and industry critiques and veterans since the inception of our brand. Starting our journey with the humble beginnings having our first few projects in the locations of Pune, Kharghar, Titwala, Thane, Dombivali, Lonavala, and Titwala to name a few, we have curated a distinct identity of our brand with our series of Property Beyond Thane that have been path breaking and innovative in their offerings and the overall amenities and facilities. And our project Regency Anantam located in Dombivali East near to the station is no indifferent from others; in fact, it defines the term affordable luxury in the best possible way. The project comprises of the exclusive clubhouse, manicured landscaped gardens, children’s play area, and much more making us the highly revered and acclaimed New Construction in the Beyond Thane areas.

Visit our project site to experience the realms of affordable luxury, quality, class, and perfect workmanship.

Our project Regency Anantam located at Dombivali East is the most distinguished and prominent Property Beyond Thane and New Construction Beyond Thane owing to the finest of amenities and facilities.