Regency Anantam is the most sought after Property in Dombivli East Near Station

New Property in Dombivli East Manpada Road

Close to 1,000 families have selected Regency Anantam as their Property in Dombivli East Near Station

Selecting a home and especially if it is your dream home is not an easy task at all. In fact, it is also considered as one of the most tricky financial investment decision also. Right from adhering to the needs and demands of your family members to checking out various properties and locations taking out time from your work responsibilities is quite a task in itself. You will want your office or workplace to be near to your home so that you can cut down on the traveling hours, your wife will want market and other social infrastructure facilities near to the home, your parents will require a temple and gardens within the project, and your children will require school, sports avenues, play area, and all other entertainment zones nearby or within the project itself. It is quite a task as we mentioned above, plus you need to plan your finances as well so that it doesn’t bother you in the future. But the main question arises, which is the project that is self sufficient with all the above mentioned criteria’s?    

The answer is the New Property in Dombivli East near to the station- Regency Anantam by our brand Regency Group. Like all our previous projects, even our this realty creation in the city of Dombivli is located strategically near to the station and all the social and civic infrastructural facilities plus the projects boasts of the best of amenities and facilities. Right from the proposed school within the project to gardens, play area, clubhouse, temple, commercial, retail, and more; we have it all. And this is the reason close to 1,000 families are calling our Property in Dombivli East at Manpada Road as their dream home.

Our project Regency Anantam is the New Property in Dombivli East that offers top class and luxuriant amenities and facilities making it the best realty Property in Dombivli East at Manpada Road