7 Reasons, Why Projects in Kalyan Is a Best place to buy your Dream Home

Kalyan, an upcoming strategic development hub of Mumbai is spread across 250 hectares of land. The township of Kalyan is excellent when considering the factor of seamless connectivity. 

Kalyan has been proposed for more development, constructing temples, hospitals, schools, metro, etc. Residential projects in Kalyan also redefine the significance of the town by providing luxurious amenities at an affordable rate. Kalyan as a location has the full potential to transform into a smart city and be a better place to reside. Some elements fuel the development of Kalyan and make it the best place to buy your dream house. 


Exotic flats at affordable prices:

The rate of apartments compared to that available at any other location had a remarkable difference. With the upcoming residential and commercial projects in Kalyan, the property purchased will gradually increase its value. 


Factors of health: 

Kalyan consists of all the health and medical benefits with some of the best medical store chains available 24*7, situated in Kalyan making them easily available to society. Kalyan also holds clinics for all verticals. 


Metro Line: 

The Metro Line 5 is a project in Kalyan that connects the government, industrial and commercial sectors with the help of the Railway routes. 


Road Connectivity: 

There is a multi-modal passageway that will be constructed, linking Navi Mumbai International airport effortlessly.  Over the years another road connectivity project in Kalyan, Alibaug-Virar, will become the prime centre for commuting, reducing the travelling time and providing more options. 


The all-in-one factor: 

Kalyan is currently being developed and intends to merge all areas, from transportation to a massive social infrastructure. Developments have been ongoing in every way conceivable, making it a popular destination for tourists and real estate tycoons.


Civilised Infrastructure:

Among the numerous reasons to select a property in Kalyan, the area’s social infrastructure, which includes schools, colleges, malls, sports facilities, and recreation spaces, is another significant benefit. Private developers are constructing numerous social infrastructure projects along the Bhiwandi-Kalyan corridor as a result of the area’s high population growth and affordable housing rates.


The Smart City: 

The city has undergone a complete 360-degree revolution in terms of connection, accessibility, employment, and other infrastructure, transforming it into a self-sufficient ecosystem. Many individuals have already begun to benefit from the enormous future boom that the projects in Kalyan  would undoubtedly bring to the region’s economy. Projects in Kalyan have enormously contributed to the growth of the city, transforming it into a Smart City. Some of the big real estate developments like Regency Group have remarkable creations. 


Life at Regency Avana: 

With the changing times,  renovating the property has become the need of the hour. However, it has not been as difficult as raising the standard in the neighbourhood. And to accomplish this, you feel obligated to relocate to a distant location, giving up all the neighbourhood that has comforted you over the years. With Regency Group, it has become easily convenient. Then, when you move up to a larger home, you begin to own a larger and more expansive environment. The alluring grounds created by Regency Group are thriving with luxury that is utterly unheard of in the neighbourhood. Come home to Pride with Regency




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