Flats in Titwala Will Give You a Luxurious and Comfortable Life

Located between Kasara and Kalyan, Titwala is one of the most livable localities near the Ambivli and Khadavli Railway Stations. From the standpoint of location, owning a home here can make any homeowner feel proud. From a standard of living to the availability of amenities, you will find everything here that corresponds to modern living. Regency Sarvam is a housing project that also adds lavish amenities and other advantages to the equation.


Read on to know how the luxurious flats of Regency Sarvam can transform your life with luxury and comfort.


Top features of Regency Anantam that make the life of its residents both luxurious and comfortable

At present, Regency Sarvam is one of the most sought-after properties in Titwala. The primary reason for it is its desirable features. From the variety of residences to amenities, it qualifies on all fronts to be called one of the best housing projects in Titwala. 


Here’s an overview of features that promote luxurious and comfortable living.


  1. A wide variety of residences with the right carpet and balcony areas

Regency Sarvam has 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences with distinct carpet and balcony areas. They are in line with the type of residences. The carpet areas of 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences are 376 SQ.FT, 628 SQ.FT, and 1052 SQ.FT respectively. And their balcony areas are 100 SQ.FT, 135 SQ.FT, and 100 SQ.FT respectively.


  1. Comprehensive amenities to help you achieve the objective of modern living

Regency Sarvam has a long list of amenities to match your modern lifestyle. It has a fully air-conditioned clubhouse. Plus, the housing project also has other amenities scattered across 75,000 SQ.FT. The hallmark features among the amenities of the project include the following:

  • Mini-theater for indoor games
  • Aerobic room
  • Indoor badminton count
  • Community hall
  • Steam and massage rooms
  • Aerobic room
  • A dedicated room for painting and meditation
  • A swimming pool for kids
  • Grand entrance lobby
  • Walk through bubbler


  1. Entertainment, relaxation, shopping, and fitness – all under a roof

One of the advantages of owning Regency Sarvam’s flat in Titwala is that you get all the amenities for relaxation, shopping, and fitness under a roof. Here’s an overview of each of them.


  •    Entertainment zone:mini-theater, painting room, community hall, grand entrance lobby
  •    Relaxing zone:library, meditation room, aerobics zone, jacuzzi
  •    Fitness zone:spa, massage rooms, steam rooms, separate gymnasiums for ladies and gents
  •    Game zone:basketball court, skating, mini-golf course, lawn tennis, carrom, table tennis, snooker, chess


  1. Buildings with ground-breaking architectural design

What makes Regency Sarvam one of the best properties in Titwala is its well-planned buildings. Apart from a spacious parking space nearby, the buildings have high-speed lifts. Also, they have a sturdy RCC structure that can withstand the impact of earthquakes.


The well-planned architectural design of the buildings has made it possible for developers to also add several other amenities to the building. These include the following:

  • STP and shopping center
  • Generator for lifts
  • Staircase lights
  • Water supply pumps
  • Compound lights
  • Decorated entrance lobby
  • Lift lobby


  1. Modern luxury homes with the best features

From flooring to electrification, Regency Sarvam’s Titwala flats for sale have the best features that you can think of. This is also characterized by the wall finishing, doors, windows, grills, kitchen, and bathroom of the homes. They have flooring and construction materials of the highest quality.


  1. A dedicated commercial zone

While it is commonplace to find Titwala flats for sale from many residential projects, you would hardly find dedicated commercial zones in them.


Regency Sarvam has a dedicated commercial zone for hospitals, vanilla shops, and restaurants. This is another feature that enhances the value of the homes of the planned township.


Proximity to Titwala Station

Sarvam has the best connectivity as it is located nearby Titwala Railway Station. The latter is just 2 minutes away from the location of the residential project. This feature adds a high value to its homes among flats in Titwala.


Final thoughts

Regency Sarvam’s homes exemplify outstanding architectural planning and advanced engineering. Owning them also brings a host of other features for homebuyers, including location advantage and advanced amenities. All the features of Regency Sarvam aim to make the life of its residents both fun-filled and comfortable.


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