Imagine A Lifestyle Of Ultimate Luxury Living In Regency’s Projects In Kalyan

At present, you can define luxury living in many ways. But going by its common definition, it refers to the ability to spend time on things that you like or cherish the most. Other than work, it includes those things that you value or love the most.


Gone are the days when luxury living was limited to major cities like Mumbai or Pune. These days, people also look for it in the suburbs of Mumbai, like Kalyan. Have you been looking for your abode of luxury living in Kalyan? If yes, you have been visualizing your dream home in Regency Avana.


Developed by the Regency Group, Regency Avana is one of the top residential projects in Kalyan. It is a planned township with the best amenities and features that homebuyers can think of. Its homes promise ultimate luxury with a lavish lifestyle. Here are the highlights of Regency Avana – the top project in Kalyan by the Regency Group.


Live amid the spectacular views of the largest riverfront

Living next to a river is the dream of many homeowners. They may have their reasons for it that may differ from one individual to the other. But the fact remains that living on the land or property next to a river has undeniable benefits to your physical and mental health.


Plus, living next to a riverfront also comes with another benefit. It allows you to get up and begin your morning on a high note. The refreshing feeling of gazing at the picturesque sight of the most extensive riverfront goes beyond thoughts that words can express.


Experience what it’s like living in a luxury home with the best features

Regency Avana comprises 27 storeys with three magnificent towers. The whole housing project, apart from world-class amenities, has some of the best features compared to the other housing projects in Kalyan. The homes are equipped with sundecks that either face the river or garden.


As far as the homes are concerned, they have some Vastu-compliant spaces based on thoughtful planning. Speaking of the homes, they are Vastu-compliant 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences with the best interiors and features. Moreover, they have ample space. As a result, you can expect plenty of light and ventilation in the rooms without cramping for space.


In addition, Regency Avana also guarantees the best club life. It has the best 3-tier security systems for enhancing the security of the residents. A grand welcome lobby welcomes people when they return to their homes after a long day outdoors. Lastly, the housing project has simple spaces for parking cars. As a result, residents do not need to worry about parking their vehicles.


A clubhouse with stilt plus 5 levels to complement your luxurious living with advanced amenities

Regency Avana has a clubhouse that gives it a distinctive identity among the top housing projects in Kalyan. It is a feature that makes luxury living possible in the suburb of Mumbai. As one of the top builders in Kalyan Regency has made the clubhouse of its flagship housing project special for homebuyers by adding a host of amenities to it across five distinct levels. 


From parking space to a party deck, it consists of all the amenities that you can think of. The developer of the planned township has added all the possible amenities to it to provide its residents with the best clubhouse experience.


Live in a modern residence in a planned township with the best connectivity options and access to all conveniences

As one of the top projects in Kalyan, Regency Avana offers excellent connectivity to some of its important neighborhoods. Prominent among them include Shahad, Vithalwadi, and Ulhasnagar. More importantly, it is in proximity to Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, and Thane. Apart from connectivity, it also has a host of conveniences nearby for the convenience of its residents. The conveniences located nearby the housing project include schools and colleges, banks, shopping malls, and hospitals.


Also, it has a host of future infrastructure projects that are scheduled for completion over the next few months. Thus, buying a 1, 2, or 3 BHK home in Regency Avana is a great future investment for those who wish to invest in a future home for higher returns.


Final thoughts

Regency Group promises ultimate luxury living and a lavish lifestyle to homebuyers in Kalyan through its flagship project, namely Regency Avana. From features to amenities and conveniences, it ticks all the right boxes for the needs of homebuyers. Take the first step towards enjoying a lifestyle of ultimate luxury living – book your dream home under one of Regency’s top projects in Kalyan now!


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