Regency Sarvam in Titwala has everything in this luxurious flat.

Titwala, a beautiful city, is located in the district of Thane in the state of Mumbai. It is renowned for the famous Siddhivinayak Mahaganapati Temple which was built during the Peshwa dynasty which is a true definition of refined and aesthetic architecture and also serves to be a religious site for many people. Numerous worshippers from all across the country come to this city to pray at this temple and also explore the city. 


This posh area in the beautiful city of Mumbai is home to people from various lifestyles and cities of India and abroad. People choose this area and location to enjoy a touch of serene and lush atmosphere. Various flats in Titwala have been the top choice for residents and investors these days, causing an upsurge in the number of developer groups and residential projects coming up in the area every now and then. Not just this but there has been a rise in Titwala flats for sale as well as developer groups giving people the opportunity to invest and call the property their own.


The era after covid has seen a hike in the number of people who are seeking to invest in properties in Titwala and a lot more places in Mumbai, Delhi, and other metropolitan cities of India. Due to this numerous people are also investing in developer groups offering  Titwala flats for sale.


As said numerous groups and projects are offering various choices to people in terms of the housing options that they can select from based on their needs and the family size which starts from a cosy 1 bhk and goes up to a luxurious 4 bhk. One such is Regency Sarvam which is spread across an area of more than 60 acres bringing together a beautiful flat in Titwala.


Talking about luxury, this flat in Titwala by the Regency group called Regency Sarvam offers luxurious residences including 1, 2 and 3 BHK houses. This property takes care of all the housing needs keeping in mind people of all age groups including small kids. elders and the working-age group. There is just everything for everyone at this luxurious property in Titwala. 


Talking about amenities at this project there is a lot to explore and make use of. Firstly, they offer a well-maintained play area that kids and elders can use which has a dedicated skating rink, and a mini-golf course for all the golf lovers with a lawn tennis court as well. At Regency Sarvam, entertainment is at the doorstep with a mini-theatre, painting room and a community hall where residents can gather and have social meet-ups to network and socialise. 


Keeping in mind a healthy lifestyle that people aspire to have at such luxurious properties in Titwala, the property is home to a jacuzzi and a meditation room to enjoy a cosy peaceful time when one needs relaxation and some me-time. There is also an in-house library which can serve well to students as well as people who love spending time with the books in a closed room.


Other such amenities speaking of luxury include a music room, well equipped dedicated gymnasium for both men and women, and a huge game zone that has a blend of both outdoor as well as indoor fun.


The unique thing about this property is the Green zone that this beautiful flat in Titwala has. As the name suggests this area is meant for all the nature lovers who love spending their time in nature while looking at the serene and calm views around them. They have a dedicated gazebo for people to sit and enjoy their time while looking at the lush greenery around them, a beautiful garden, and a jogging track for people to have a good start to the day with a quick jog in the beautiful area. 


Such are the amenities at Regency Sarvam which is nothing less than a comfortable and luxurious stay with one’s own family and loved ones. For people seeking to invest in flats in Titwala, this can be the best choice. A good thing about this property is that the developer groups offer various Titwala flats for sale for people keeping in mind the various budgets people have.

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