The Future of Real Estate Investments in India: Trends to Watch in the New Financial Year.

The future of Real Estate Investment in India will surge due to the Budget 2023. The financial plan is comprehensive and expansion-oriented, considering the current domestic and global conditions as well as maintaining the level of growth already attained. Increased tax rebates will undoubtedly increase market liquidity, resulting in more discretionary money for those at the lowest end of the income scale. It might encourage people to buy homes, which would accelerate the expansion of the real estate market.

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Sustainable living:

The Union Budget for 2023–24 is noteworthy in many aspects, particularly when it comes to the real estate industry. “Green Growth” has been identified by the Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitaraman, as one of the budget’s top priorities. Organizations in India that currently encourage green, sustainable living are actively heading in that direction, which will make it easier for them to accomplish their objectives.

Affordable Housing:
In India, the term “affordable housing” has gained popularity over the past few years, and in 2023, this trend is anticipated to continue. To meet this demand, there has been an increasing trend among developers over the past few years to concentrate on inexpensive housing projects. As part of its efforts to promote the affordable housing market, the authorities have also established a specific Affordable Housing Fund and launched programs like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The need for high-quality housing at reasonable rates is anticipated to grow, which will require additional investments and creative solutions.

NRIs making real estate investments:

According to the prevailing pattern in the real estate market, Indians who are not residents are currently purchasing homes primarily for their own habitation as opposed to as an investment. Due to the pandemic, there is a higher demand for luxury real estate as NRIs try to give their families a safe place to live. As more NRIs return home, initiatives that address this gap will gather momentum.

Millennial consumers:

Most people have a strong desire to own a home, and millennials appear to have more knowledge of the process than any other generation. Because of their distinct goals, millennials have more successful outcomes when buying homes than previous generations. 

A research conducted by Coldwell Banker Richard Eills (CBRE) says that 44% of Indians look forward to having ownership of the house in the following two years – this figure is said to be much higher as compared to the remaining globe. Affordable Housing availability is also one of the major factors that contributes to the decision of millennial consumers to buy homes. 

Investing more in Rental Properties: 

A substantial number of individuals opt to rent homes rather than buying them due to the escalating real estate costs and the simplicity of renting. The rising cost of home ownership is one of the primary factors driving the rise of the rental market. Many people find it challenging to purchase a residence due to rising real estate costs and mortgage interest rates. They are choosing rental housing as a result since it is more flexible and less expensive. Additionally, the rise of the young professionals and student population in India has aided in the expansion of the rental industry. Renting a property can also deliver great financial results for real estate investments. 

As a result of shifting demographics, lifestyles, and economic situations, the housing industry in India is rapidly evolving, with several significant developments emerging. There are several fascinating changes influencing the sector in 2023, including the growth of the rental market and co-living spaces as well as the increased desire for inexpensive and ecological homes. One of top builders of Kalyan, Regency Group, offers a variety of real estate investment opportunities. The properties include all necessary urban amenities and are priced in line with market trends. Regency Group enables you to diversify your investment holdings and increase real estate investment returns. On the contrary, tenants and purchasers will have more options, which will increase the real estate sector’s diversity and dynamism. It is anticipated that an even wider selection of housing options for both purchasers and renters will arise as developers and investors continue to adapt to these trends. 

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