Inside Regency Avana a home where bliss and luxury collide

There has been a substantial rise in demand for luxury homes in India, especially more in the tier-1 and 2 cities. These burgeoning cities with modern infrastructure and seamless connectivity now offer homes in affordable locations with Uber-Plus amenities. Homes where bliss and luxury collide are being curated as per the roster needs of today’s potential buyers’. These buyers demand homes that are best suited to their principal beliefs and changing lifestyle trends. The growing demand for privacy and luxurious amenities at the doorstep has alarmed real estate developers with smaller land pockets. In its place suburban areas today have much greener and larger land banks capable enough to be created into a blissful and luxurious property.

The Regency Group, experienced builders in Kalyan, have seen great potential in suburbs such as Kalyan, they have built projects boasting of well-planned living structure, a lot of green land space, state-of-the-art roadways, and unbeatable infrastructure.

Regency Avana offers home where biss and luxury collide 


The bliss of a perfect Location with Seamless Connectivity is one of the highest point in luxury

A blissful location with sundecks, beautiful river and garden facing homes spread over 42acres of land is nothing short than a slice of heaven. These luxurious green, serene environs are extremely well connected to the bustling city. Regency Avana’s proximity to commercial office spaces, social centers, ans especially Dmart makes life extremely blissfully convenient. 

Reaching home with ease brings about a work-life balance.  Regency Avana in Kalyan is located on the central railway line and road connectivity to the NH-4, Kalyan-Silphata Road, and Agra Road to Mumbai and other parts of the city. A getaway from the city via the in reach Eastern Express Highway from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is possible too. Furthermore, the opening of the Bhiwandi-Kalyan Corridor will give the best transportation for Kalyan.


Blissful and Exclusive Amenities with Luxuriously open and spacious homes

Work-life balance is achieved if residents can unwind and take a break from their hectic schedules within the convenience of their homes. Regency Avana offers a majestic 5-level clubhouse, an in-house gym and fitness center, a swimming pool, multipurpose court, car parking, or the conference room; these provide blissful luxury. Regency Avana’s 1,2 & 3 bhk flats offer luxurious amenities such as gazebos, senior citizen zones, a kids play area with a sand pit, and walking tracks to maintain your health. A home is where bliss and luxury collide with spaces enough for socializing and entertaining. Luxurious spaces for cultural activities, get-togethers add to the extravagance of your lifestyle.

Blissfully serene green spaces with Luxurious Recreation zones

The stunning views of the Ulhas River and the breathtaking skyline makes it possible to relax and relish the luxuries of your home at Regence Avana. These thoughtfully designed homes with lush green landscaped exteriors render a peaceful environment that brings in positive vibes to your lifestyle. The uniquely beautiful open viewing area flaunts scenic views of Mumbai Restaurants, cafeteria, mini conference room, skin center, Zumba fitness center, indoor games, library, squash court with viewers gallery, exhibition space, bowling alley, bar corner and many more keeping adding to options of recreation. 

Luxurious Fitness & Sports Club Safety and security with blissful social amenities 

Well curated jogging tracks, meditation areas, gymnasiums, tennis courts and basketball courts at the Regency Avana signify the benefits of a healthy body. The meticulously designed structure with vigilant safety and security with a 3-tier security system works 24*7 preventing crime. The separate entry and exit points of this heavenly abode impede protection for the inhabitants.


Bliss and luxury finally collide with the D-Mart in the vicinity

The D-Mart  store in close proximity enables maximum convenience to the residents of Regency Avana. This extraordinary store is popular for its wide-ranging products and services. The Regency groups, one of the most experienced builders in kalyan, recognize the need for expediency in lifestyle hence the M.D. of Regency group Mr. Mahesh Agarwal himself inaugurated the D-Mart store next to Regency Avana. The presence of D-Mart in the vicinity is a great boon to the entire residency. 

Inside Regency Avana there is beautiful world where bliss meets luxury.

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