Regency Luxuria- Dombivli’s New Luxury Destination

Over the years, Dombivli has catapulted into a leading real estate market. Regency Group has launched a plethora of quality projects in the vicinity and is now back with another luxurious 1 BHK in Dombivli. Regency Luxuria is the newest outing from Regency Group, here to offer you a grandiose taste of luxury living. Our latest residential new projects in Dombivli located at the Kalyan Shil Road stands true to its name with the most luxurious facilities ever built for residents. At this brand new projects in Dombivli, every detail is chosen to offer you a high-quality approach to life. A large front gate and building foyer give you the entrance you’re worthy of while enjoying the grandeur of your abode. The Lifestyle offered to you here incorporates an abundance of desirable amenities in your 3-story clubhouse. Here’s a deeper insight into what makes Regency Luxuria- 1BHK in Dombivli a perfect product of ultimate luxury. 

The Location Is A Boon:

Dombivli’s rapid development is a visible success, mainly in the realm of civil infrastructure and real estate. Developers are wasting no time building quality spaces at affordable rates, making it a primary factor attracting command of people wanting to shift to the outskirts has been observed leading to the Dombivli-Kalyan region seeing a major spike in becoming a prominent residency address. Another attribute of Dombivli is that it makes commuting around the city and Mumbai thoroughly accessible and seamless. Hence if investing in a luxurious and convenient 1 BHK in Dombivli is on your mind, our doors to luxuria are always open.

Thoughtfully Curated Amenities:

Regency Luxuria aims to offer you ultra modern amenities, a regency standard. All our residential projects in Dombivli never miss the quality mark concerning residential facilities, and Luxuria is no different. Step into an exquisite tranquil lifestyle with premium amenities that ebuyers. Excessive deinclude a Banquet Hall, Gymnasium, A Music room, a podium garden, a swimming pool, and a wellness spa centre. Our plans to pamper Regency Luxuria’s residents go a step beyond with additional amenities like a badminton-squash court, cafeteria, and a library. Regency Group understands the mindset of home buyers and aims to continuously innovate and deliver the best of opulent living to our customers. 

Hassle-Free Connectivity:

Today luxury is largely related to the uninterrupted flow of connectivity to offices, schools, and other essentials. Although Regency Luxuria is a perfect mixed bag, with direct links to major destinations, you still enjoy the benefits of facilities that encourage joy and bliss. The luxury of life is elevated to a higher level with several new developments emerging in the middle of Dombivli, providing a contemporary and sophisticated lifestyle. Despite your choice of apartment, being able to live in proximity to social infrastructure is a luxury in itself. Your 1 BHK in Dombivli is just an under 3km drive away from the Dombivli Railway Station, Pendharkar College, Aiims Hospital, and other parts of the MMR. Regency Luxuria is one such residential projects in Dombivli where we redefine your dreams of owning your own home. Your first 1BHK in Dombivli at Regency Luxuria is more than a few walls, but we aim to give you the upgraded lifestyle you deserve. 

Circa 2001, Regency Group has managed to build over 13 million sq. ft., constructed over 20+ projects, delivered over 12,500 happy homes, and fulfilled the dreams of 19,000 families. At geographical locations like Thane, Navi Mumbai, Kalyan, Dombivali, Kharghar, Panvel, Ulhasnagar, Titwala, Lonavala, and Pune, we have created a mark of our own in the hearts of the connoisseurs of luxury. Regency Luxuria is another feather added to our hats where we have innovated the ingredients of luxury living with the added benefit of being easy on the pocket. Step into a tranquil and opulent lifestyle at this latest residential projects in Dombivli by Regency Group where you get to live life Extra Large!

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