Why More NRIs Are Investing Their Dollars In Ready To Occupy Flats In Dombivli?

The current pandemic has gotten way for a ton free from NRIs returning to their countries of beginning. This has incited the need of asserting a house in their nearby countries. 

With a more delicate rupee and lower financing costs for housing credits, there has been a flood in the NRI interest inland region. NRIs put resources into India to make savings, retirement plans, familial obligations, and that’s just the beginning. Here’s the reason you ought to put resources into India: 


The Value Of Currency 


Even though the Indian economy has been blasting in the course of recent many years, the force of monetary standards like the USD, Pounds, and the Euro has consistently expanded when contrasted with the rupee. 

Despite the financing costs, the worth of your USD, Pound real, or Euro speculations are probably going to develop. This would imply that you will want to acquire better returns. A highlight note, notwithstanding, is that the USD stays the undefeated money. Its worth infrequently vacillates and the INR is one of only a handful few monetary forms that has kept a consistent swapping scale with the USD. 


Beneficial Location 


It is very important to choose a location that will benefit you with capital returns, a good community, a thriving neighborhood, and has affordable housing with spacious homes for you. Apart from locations in Mumbai but Dombivali will give you Regency Anantam – one such stand-alone project that will be the best suitable destination for you. 


Maximum Green Space


Living close to nature can help your cortisol levels, beat rates, beat, glucose levels, and serotonin-melatonin balance which are the key nuts and bolts for your demeanor and energy levels. At Regency Anantam with its greenery and gardens once arrived, one can experience three landscaped themed gardens.


Alluring Amenities 

In outer countries, the amenities and services are ample around. Once moved to India, places in Dombivali like Regency Annatam offers their residents an all-inclusive 3 level Club Infinity with each floor having its own set of extraordinary amenities. From Mini Theatre, Ladies Parlour, Creche Room, Business Center, Music Room, Cafeteria with Library, 12D theatre, Joggers tracks, Gazebo, Grass Pavers, Box Cricket, Tennis Court, etc. Leisure Garden with 14+ amenities like Zen garden, Senior Citizen Pathway, Butterfly Garden, Bamboo Plantation, etc, and a Leisure Garden. 


Strongly & Firmly Built 


Regency Annatam is an iconic landmark in Dombivali built by Regency Group alongside renowned architects and designers. All things considered from Vastu compliance, Drainage, and plumbing to environmental consultants. Everything at Regency Anantam has been thought after for you to live a safe and healthy lifestyle. 

Due to the pandemic, the demand for affordable housing had increase among NRIs and millennials owing to government schemes and the trend of remote working. There is a high demand in Tier II and III cities as it is also expected to witness an increase.

With such plans offered to the NRI’s, they will grasp every opportunity even in Dombivali where Regency Group offers them Anantam Regency – a 32-acre property in dombivli with 1 and 2 bhk flat in dombivli east