Why is Regency Anantam Best Located Township in Dombivli

Urbanization has its own challenges, especially in cities and towns. Keeping such challenges in mind, homebuyers seek a comprehensive residential solution within their budget. Regency Anantam, as a modern township in Dombivli, has the best features to address the needs of homebuyers. It has residential apartments featuring 1 and 2 BHK flats. Besides being coupled with a good mix of open green areas, it also has retail and commercial spaces. These features add up to make it a modern-day township with state-of-the-art facilities and convenience.


Regency Anantam is considered one of the best-located townships with 1 and 2 BHK flats in Dombivli for several reasons. Here are a few of them.


Regency Anantam is the universe of dreams and opportunities

To begin with, Anantam Regency has an incomparable opulence. This feature makes it the pick of the bunch among the residential townships that have flats for sale in Dombivli East. It houses an ample space to accommodate the dreams of homebuyers. 


Whether one buys a 2 or a 1 BHK flats in Dombivli in this project, its impressive and luxurious appearance has the potential of captivating the heart and mind of any homebuyer. As such, it is the straight choice for the seekers of luxury accommodation in a modern township. With open spaces and a luxurious design, it is an abode of dreams and exciting possibilities.


Regency Anantam’s superb connectivity and features are second to none in Dombivli East

The fact that better connectivity boosts the status of a residential project is a no-brainer. Everyone wants their residence to be close to all kinds of facilities and convenience. As a top residential project with a 2 or a 1 BHK flat in Dombivli, Regency Anatam ticks the right boxes of the needs in this regard. It is in close proximity to railways stations, schools, banks, a proposed metro, colleges, hospitals, temples, fuel stations, commercial and shopping centers, and even restaurants.


  •    Railway Stations:Regency Anantam, the residential project with 1 and 2 bhk flat in Dombivli East, has good connectivity with the three nearest railway stations. These include Thakurli, Dombivli, and Kalyan railway stations. They are located at a distance of 2.5 km, 2.9 km, and 5.1 km, respectively.
  •    Schools:Some prominent schools nearby these 2 and 1 BHK in Dombivli project include Omkar Cambridge Internation School, NES International School, Royal International School, Hello Kids Divine, Guardian School, Vidya Niketan School, Ira Global School, and St. Theresa Convent School. These schools are located within a distance of 1-5 km. In addition, Narayana E-Techno School is located within the premises.
  •    Banks:Owners of 1 and 2 BHK flats in Dombivli residing in this project will find almost all major banks within their reach. These include HDFC Bank, PMC Bank, SBI Dombvli East Branch, Andhra Bank, and Axis Bank. Other banks of the project are Dombivli Nagari Sahakari Bank, Greater Bank, and Allahabad Bank.
  •    Proposed Metro:A proposed metro project line involving 500 meters between Kalyan and Taloja Metro Line enhances connectivity.
  •    Colleges:Regency Anantam has some top colleges for students, such as KV Pendharkar College, New Era High School & Junior College, GR Patil College, and many others. 
  •    Hospitals: For health-related emergencies and healthcare needs of the residents of 1 or 2 BHK flat in Dombivli East, Regency Anantam is close to many hospitals. 

Apart from AIMS Hospital, which is just 900 meters from the project, there are also many other hospitals in the vicinity of the housing project. These include Kamat Hospital for Women, Neptune Super Speciality, Shivam Hospital, and Maitri Charitable Trust.

  •    Temples:Shani Mandir, Datta Mandir, Shaptashrungi Devi Temple, Shree Gaandevi Mandir, Mahadev Mandir, and Gavdevi Mandir are the top and accessible temples. The latter is the closest to the project.
  •    Fuel Stations:Vehicles have become the backbone of transportation these days. Currently, the majority of them run on fuels. Keeping this in mind, the developers of Regency Anantam have featured ample fuel stations to enable the buyers of flats for sale in Dombivli linked with this project whenever they feel the need for it. These fuel stations are located within a distance of 500-900 meters. In all, the project has four fuel stations: Usha CNG pump, Tehno Petrol Pump, HP Petrol Pump, and India Oil & CNG.
  •    Commercial/Shopping:The availability of shopping centers is a hallmark feature of residential projects these days. The majority of homebuyers keep this feature in mind while choosing a residential project. GNP Galleria, Metro Junction Mall, D Mart, and Xperia Mall are the popular shopping malls and centers of the project.
  •    Restaurants:Regency Anantam has some of the best restaurants within the project to take care of the taste bud of its residents. The ones that are the closest are Nandi Palace and Suyog Hotel. These restaurants are located within 210 and 400 meters, respectively. Besides, Prasad Food Divine and Domino’s Pizza are also situated at a distance of 2.8 km and 2.9 km, respectively.


Other highlights of Regency Anantam

Apart from the aforementioned features, Regency Anantam also has many other positives for the owners of a 2 BHK or a 1 BHK in Dombivli. Prominent among them is its meticulous and detailed planning, due to which it strikes the perfect balance between the life of its residents and their lifestyle. 

An illustration of it can be found in the following peerless features with a touch of timeless aristocracy and luxury that is second to none:

  • Entrance gate
  • Social garden
  • Temple
  • Clubhouse
  • Sports garden
  • Leisure garden


Final thoughts

The above features make the flats for sale in Dombivli an attractive prospect for homebuyers. Get the feel of these features in reality – go ahead and book your slot now!

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