Regency Avana One of a Kind Property in Kalyan

At present, most homebuyers invest in luxury homes for two reasons. A feature-rich dwelling aside, they also perceive it as a valuable asset from the standpoint of investment. Kalyan has witnessed a surge in demand for luxury homes in recent years. Interested people kept looking for homes in the top properties in the region even during the Covid-19 phase. Now that things have started returning to normalcy, buyers are keen on investing in the top housing projects in the region.

Ever since its inception, Regency Avana has been under the spotlight as one of the top projects in Kalyan. It covers all bases to meet the needs of home buyers on all fronts. Read on to know more about the features that make it the pick of the bunch among the existing properties in Kalyan.

Why Regency Avana features on the list of the top projects in Kalyan

Regency Avana is high in demand among homebuyers for several reasons. There is not just a single one but several reasons for it. The prominent among them include the following:

  • Plenty of space plus a beautiful landscape

Regency Avana is a visually pleasing residential project with top-notch aesthetics. This feature is aptly supported by a space of 62 acres plus a riverside that stretches up to 100 meters. This space provides ample opportunities to house the dreams, convenience, and lifestyle of the residents. Plus, the builders in Kalyan, who are associated with the project, have put thoughtful planning to include a riverside that adds a majestic look to the property.

In addition, it also has landscaped recreations that match the global standards. It has plenty of green open spaces, ranging from gardens to other facilities, for the recreation of the residents. As a result, they get the feeling of living close to nature. After all, there is no better way to jazz up the mood than sitting or strolling amid greenery after a long day.

  • Numero uno club life experience

They say “Humans are social animals” for a reason. Regardless of the occasion, meeting new people is an exciting feeling that helps individuals grow and rediscover the world with a true social vision. As one of the leading projects in Kalyan, Regency Avana presents an exciting club life experience with its 5-star club.

  • Fantastic facilities for playing a wide range of sports

Builders in Kalyan linked with the Regency Avana housing project have equipped it with many sports facilities for the benefit of its dwellers. As a result, they can conveniently play the sports of their choice because the residential project is equipped with facilities for playing for than 50 sports. Beyond any doubt, it gives a clear advantage to the homeowners.

  • Kalyan Next & Regency Antilla – two outstanding features of Regency Avana that make it unique

Every residential project has its unique selling point (USP). Regency Avana has not just one but two USPs. Together, they make it one of the most sought-after residential projects in Kalyan. 

Kalyan Next is a majestic river-front community that gives everyone a royal feel at first sight. It stands tall with its splendor, with its lighting, as the magnum opus of the architects and builders in Kalyan who are linked with the Regency Avana project.

The other one, i.e., Regency Antilia, is also equally impressive. It has some of the best features, other than a beautiful landscape, landscaped recreations, and a 5-star club. The majestic entrance gate is one of the highlights of the list of features. It stands apart from the other projects when compared with the top projects in Kalyan.

What makes Regency Avana a truly luxurious housing project with green bliss is the availability of the following features:

  • Impressive 3 towers involving 27 stories, with a welcome lobby in each tower
  • Sundeck with the best views
  • Luxurious 1, 2, and 3 BHKs
  • Meticulously planned residences that are compatible with Vastu Shastra
  • Visually pleasing landscaped recreations spanning 8 lac sq. ft.
  • Top-notch car parking with ample space
  • A dedicated playing area for kids with sand-pit
  • An exceptional golf course covered with green grass and coconut trees


  • Excellent connectivity

Regency Avana is located at a strategic location which again reflects the thoughtful planning of the builders in Kalyan who are associated with it. Due to its proximity to Mumbai and Kalyan, it is currently the sought-after residential property for the buyers of homes. It is likely to remain a hub of development for the future as well. As such, it is a valuable asset or a future investment. 

So, what does it mean for an individual to own a home here? The answer to it is simple. They are likely to gain a lot from the strategic location of the project, regardless of whether they are into a job or business. 

Premium locations such as Ulhasnagar, Vithalwadi, and Shahad are in proximity to the residential project. Plus, it is also on focus for Metro Lines 5 and 12, a growth center, and a flyover connecting Airoli to Kalyan through Palava.

  • Host of amenities

Last but not least, Regency Avana has a host of amenities to meet or even exceed the expectations of homebuyers. These include banks, schools and colleges, commercial shopping centers, and hospitals. All these amenities are within walking distance of the project.

Final thoughts

The features of Regency Avana, as stated above, make it one of the dream luxury projects in Kalyan. Most potential buyers have already begun their journey of owning a home here. It’s your turn now! Go ahead and invest in your future home in the project – refine and redefine your definition of modern luxurious accommodation!

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